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NC code failed to post "Error: Failed to invoke function 'onOpen'."

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NC code failed to post "Error: Failed to invoke function 'onOpen'."



I have attached my file.


I am trying to post process for my fourth axis Stepcraft, but I keeps getting this error:


Information: Configuration: STEPCRAFT UCCNC
Information: Vendor: UCCNC
Information: Posting intermediate data to '/Volumes/PRUSA/Tuborg/'
Information: Total number of warnings: 1
Error: Failed to post process. See below for details.
Start time: Tue Jan 9 10:35:34 2024
Post processor engine: 4.6050.0
Configuration path: /Users/kristofferkelstrupsabroe/Autodesk/Fusion 360 CAM/Posts/stepcraft uccnc (1).cps
Include paths: /Users/kristofferkelstrupsabroe/Autodesk/Fusion 360 CAM/Posts
Configuration modification date: Mon Aug 14 19:40:36 2023
Output path: /Volumes/PRUSA/Tuborg/
Checksum of intermediate NC data: b658e4784f179fafdfc268a3a4987c84
Checksum of configuration: 1ebf47568740f9d6aad82492cc65e2c5
Vendor url:
Legal: Copyright (C) 2012-2023 by Autodesk, Inc.
Generated by: Fusion CAM 2.0.18186
Error: Failed to invoke function 'onOpen'.
Error: Failed to invoke 'onOpen' in the post configuration.
Error: Failed to execute configuration.
Stop time: Tue Jan 9 10:35:34 2024
Post processing failed.


Could anyone help me?


Br. KRistoffer


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in reply to: kksAZZV7

Hi @kksAZZV7 


Can you share the post processor you are using?

It's a file with the cps extension.

Because, apparently the post is either corrupted, or something is wrong inside.

Posting always start by calling the onOpen function.




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Technical Consultant
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in reply to: serge.quiblier

Hello Serge


I think I solved it. I had turned aircooling on by accident which is not supported by Stepcraft. At the same time the cylinder inside the object was (maybe) not cylindrical after all. Anyway. It works now. Thanks.

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