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my 3d pocket isn't milling flat corners

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my 3d pocket isn't milling flat corners


I'm new to f360. Im trying to cut a 3D pocket with an inset lip. Upon running the program, however, the machine contoured extra transitions between the top lip and bottom pocket as well as the base.


How can i change the setup to get corners without contouring in a single toolpath? 




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I'm assuming you are programming this from a solid model given that you are using a 3D pocket tool path.  My thought is that there is a chamfer/radius at the top/bottom of the pocket on the model which the tool path is seeing and therefore trying to cut those features in the pocket based on your stepdown/stepover parameters.


You might have better luck with a 2D pocket tool path for that feature and if a radius is required at the bottom, select a tool with the proper corner radius and the pocket should generate fine.  Then use a chamfer tool to put the angle at the top.  Hope that helps!

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in reply to: katrina_cham

It would really help if you could include at least a picture of the toolpath, along with arrows pointing to what you want to do, and the portions you don't want in the toolpath.

For picking corners, you need to turn on "rest machining" under the geometry tab and set to use the previous operations.  But, this often does some cutting where you don't want to.  2d adaptive is better at this, also with "rest machining", where you specify the diameter of the roughing tool.

However, I don't really know for sure if this is what you wanted or not, you are a bit too vague.

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in reply to: DarthBane55

I thought I attached the image of what I milled. Can you not see it?


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in reply to: katrina_cham

I mean a snapshot of the actual toolpath in Fusion.  It's not 100% clear exactly what you are after.

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in reply to: DarthBane55

Sorry, do these images help at all? (I don't want a contoured transition into the next pocket.)

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in reply to: katrina_cham

It helps yes.  So you don't want to mill the top lip, then select a machining boundary under the geometry tab.  Select the inner pocket, and change the tool containment to "tool inside boundary".  That will confine the tool inside... the boundary lol.  You can use geometry on the model or any sketch you might need for some funky pockets in the future.

For the bottom one, it goes a bit inwards, most likely there is a fillet or a chamfer at the bottom of your pocket.  If it didn't go inwards, it would machine this fillet right off.  If, say you wanted to machine that fillet off, you have a few options:

You can remove it from your model.  Or you can use 2d pocket.  2d operations only use boundaries and are not reliant on the solid model (it doesn't take the solid into account, for the most part...).  With 2d pocket you would use the top edges of the inner pocket and go down to the bottom, and it would ignore the bottom fillet.

But most likely, you don't want to machine the fillet off.  So...  not sure why you don't like that at the bottom then, but, if you just wanted to stop short of the fillet, then adjust the bottom height under the heights tab.  It will stop where you set the bottom height.

I hope I understood that you are after, and that it helps 😬

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