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Multiple part set up input

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Multiple part set up input

Hi All, 

This is my first go-around with a multipart setup. I have 4 parts on my mill, all clamped in separate SMW mod vices. Ive set up all my stock to have unique work offsets and use G54, 55, 56, & 57.  What im unsure about is IF I can have multiple work offsets and stock setups and post a single operation to hit all 4 parts on each machining operation.  For example, I do all my facing operations for each piece of stock, then I pick all my spot drill operations and it runs that. I guess Im just unsure how the control and machine see the 4 separate work offsets when it runs on the machine. Does it just look at it as a single operation but on 4 different work offsets? 


OR its better to keep all one part as a progressive continuous machining operation until finished, then move on to the next part, etc etc.  


To me it makes the most sense to go from one part to the other and just hit them with all the same operations as you cycle through each tool? What is the most common methodology? 


How do you guys like to handle this type of multipart setup?


Sorry for the allusive screenshot, I just can't show the product. 



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It shouldn't be an issue, you'll need to use the Tabs on the Post Processing window and select all Setups you want to post, the software will ask if you're certain the multiple WCS selection is correct, and probably want to check the "Reorder to Minimize Tool Changes"




Then any common tools will run thru G54 then 55 then 56 etc before switching to the next tool and again run sequentially


Obviously be wary your first run but the NC Programs posting method will do this. I would check "Safe Start All Operations" in your post processor settings (if supported) and use Subroutines for all operations, that way all the tool callouts and setup lines are at the front of the program and you could easily mid program start from there as it will be a longer program

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in reply to: BillGEGHV

I do multiple parts a lot, and my setup varies... But in your situation where you already have unique work offsets defined, I would tell my setup I have multiple work offsets defined, that there are 4 and for simplicity I like to order by tool.  When you do this MAKE SURE that you think about tool breakage and that if say you break your rougher you are going to end up breaking all the tools that follow that toopath in a cascade ! I always use break tool detection on everything, I also usually in program reprobe my stock as when you use multiple work offsets its very easy to get something wrong or change something by accident.

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in reply to: azjulian72

Thanks for the input. Sounds like regardless of how I group and program the individual parts on the front end all the magic happens on the back end anyways. Since you can post any MOP you want this gives a really good amount of control. Seems to me that programming each part individually as a separate single part set up all on its own VS 4 parts and treating it like one part is the better way.  But now I see you can do both.  very flexible! 

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in reply to: rengfx

Thanks for the input, very helpful see my reply below.  What specifically dose "Safe Start All Operations" do and how do I know if my control supports it? 

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Safe Start all Operations gives ALL the setup codes needed (WCS Callout, spindle speed, coolant, etc) at EVERY Operation start, so you can run a program from the middle effectively




It should be a toggled option in your post processor settings I believe it is on most post processors

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Sounds helpful but does not look like Tormach control has that.  


NC Program_ NCProgram9 2023-06-26 16.46.43.jpg

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