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Multi-Axis Contour refuses to follow the chain, follows edge instead

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Multi-Axis Contour refuses to follow the chain, follows edge instead

I am trying to use an endmill to generate 45deg chamfer using multi axis contour. Selecting an edge to form an open chain is generating a path as expected. However - when trying to set an extension length to -8, to pull the cutter up short of the end of the feature it is ignoring the chain and instead running the length of the selected contour causing a gouge.


Any ideas?

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in reply to: Bradley_West_

 can replicate this behavior, I'm not sure if its intended but could be a bug, @seth.madore  can confirm if this is intended behavior?


You can use the Tangential fragment extension in passes tab, but this shortens both ends of the contour which I don't think you want.


A workaround is to split the faces adjacent to the contour to allow a shorter chain selection

See attached for an example of that


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in reply to: Bradley_West_

Thanks for raising this issue, both of you. I've logged CAM-51559 to investigate this.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi @Bradley_West_ 


Thanks for feedback. Please use the following workaround until the problem is fixed. Unfortunatelly it applies to both ends of the selected curve.



Oleg Tikhomirov
Software Engineer
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@oleg.tikhomirov Thanks for the work around!

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