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MR-1 Tool Path won't cut all of the cavity

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MR-1 Tool Path won't cut all of the cavity

I am trying to cut injection mold cavities in an aluminum block, but when I make a tool path it does not make it to the top edge of the cavity. Seems to get better with a smaller bit, but still does not cut all the way up. I have been using the "parallel" cutting path. Initially I though the gap was the diameter of the tool, but after running the path the top edge is not being cut. I am wondering if an alternative cutting path or changing a limit would allow the tool to travel to the top edge without cutting it 



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There are several setting/selections that could be causing this problem, but without seeing the file its ard to tell what the problem is.


Could you share the file here? Goto File>export>Save as .f3d/.f3z


Also parallel is not the best toolpath for that sort of shape, you would be better to use Flow, Blend or Geodesic.

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