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Modeling a MCKNR style toolholder

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Modeling a MCKNR style toolholder

I have been trying to model an MCKNR Tool holder. When I use the preselect options in the tool modeler it puts the insert at an inverse orientation. I have tried custom orientation which works for spinning the insert but it makes it so that my offset selection is on the inside of the tool not the outside. I am trying to use tip tangent offset. Any help with defining the accurate insert orientation and keeping the offset on the outside tangent of the tool is appreciated.Drop selection orientationDrop selection orientationphysical tool comparisonphysical tool comparisonCustom orientationCustom orientation See attached pictures for reference. 

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I realized the screencap I included in the OP did not represent the tip tangent offset orientation I described. Here is a screen cap of where the offset currently is and where I would like to have it marked by the red dot.

Tip tangentTip tangent

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We don't currently offer a proper solution for offset CNMG holder, unfortunately.

Lathe tooling is certainly seeing a heavy focus this year, so hopefully we'll be able to rectify that in the not-too-distant future

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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