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Model changes to wireframe during simulation

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Model changes to wireframe during simulation

I have a weird thing happening that I cant work out.  I made a rough model of my machine and got the machine simulation working for it.  I then imported a vice and set up some machining operations.  When I run simulation, the vice changes to a wireframe look.  Its not a big deal, but just complicates things a little visually.


Any ideas?


Before simulation:


During simulation:


File attached.  I hope it contains everything needed.




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Hmm...I'm not seeing that, the visibility stays the same 🤔

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I am still trying to work this out.  I took the original model of just the vice, and tried to simulate machining with just it.  Same problem.  See attached file.  I don't know if my tools and machine models come with the file.  It could be them causing it?

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Did you figure this out? I'm having the same issue

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I never did figure this out. Although I have simulated machining a lot
since then and don't remember it doing this anymore, so maybe it has fixed
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On the Simulate dialog, try increasing the Opacity slider in the Model group on the Display tab.

The default model opacity is one step below full.  This is because if the model is displayed at full opacity and you are using the Comparison colorization mode, then when there is a gouge, you can't see the red areas on the stock because they are obscured by the model.

Brek Miller

Software Engineer
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Thanks Brek, but my issue is in the simulation module, not manufacturing. I've seen the other post where the problem was that opacity slider in the machining simulation port of Fusion

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