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Milling 2D Contour: Remove additional material for the following operations

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Milling 2D Contour: Remove additional material for the following operations

Hi, everyone,

I'm in the process of realizing my first milling project. When planning my milling operations, I encounter the following problem:


I want to mill a 2D contour from the middle of my blank. The contour should later be rounded off at the upper edge. In the first step, I mill the contour with a number 6 milling cutter. I need more space than the 6mm for later rounding off with a ball end mill or radius end mill. I don't know what setting I can use to remove additional raw material around my workpiece when contouring to allow for later operations.


My best solution so far is to clear the entire blank around my workpiece (adaptive clearing) and then mill the 2D contour with ridges. However, this means that I can no longer fix my raw part on the milling table with screws, as these would then get in the way when clearing. I also have to remove a lot of material that wouldn't actually get in the way.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can solve this more elegantly? I am very thankful for your help.





Desired shape


Shape is completely inside the blank



Current solution with many disadvantages: clear the complete blank around the contour and then mill the 2D contour with ridges:





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You could turn on Roughing Passes (in the Passes Tab of the toolpath) and set it to a stepover (or multiple) that produce the clearance you need. Other option is to draw a sketch of the space you need and just selectively remove that material with 2D Contour or similar.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for the tip - easier than I thought and exactly what I was looking for.


I assumed that the roughing passes can only be used within an area defined by the sketch.


Cheers Alex

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