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Milled piece smaller than Design in Y-axis only

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Milled piece smaller than Design in Y-axis only

I designed a curved shape to be used as a template in another operation.   In the design, the narrowest section is 1.5" and the widest 3.5".   The length is 17.75".  When I mill it, the widths are correct, but the length is 1/8" short.   I'm cutting with a 1/8" bit.   


If I had just set the 2D contour to the inside of the line (which I didn't, I checked) I'd expect both X & Y dimensions to be too small by twice the width of the bit.  Similarly, if it was a runout problem with the router or an error in the size of the bit the delta in size should be consistent in both width and length.  But that isn't happening.   With the widths correct but the length off I am stumped.   


I suppose there could be a problem with the Y-axis movement of the CNC, while the X-axis is fine, but the fact that the difference on the Y-axis is exactly the width of the bit makes me suspicious.  


Any thoughts?  Thanks!




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Have you calibrated the y axis mm/ rev

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