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mill/turn y axis output after tool change

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mill/turn y axis output after tool change

I'm having an issue with using the samsung mill turn fanuc post processor with my smec y axis lathe. Some of my turning tools and holders are offset on my turret and require a y offset in the tool data on the machine. When I manually add a y0.0 after the tool change in the approach line the machine y axis goes where I have the tool offset at. I would like to get the post processor to automatically output a Y0.0 after the tool change if possible to limit the amount of hand edits we need to do. I'm using g53 for safe retracts and the processor will output a y axis but only at the end of the process. I essentially need the output of the y axis but during the approach after a tool change. Is this possible?

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could you attach a postprocessor that needs to be tweaked?

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I'm just working with this one from the fusion library.

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Like this?

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That was exactly what I was looking for, Thank you!

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