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Mill turn with c-axis

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Mill turn with c-axis


I would like to mill the slots on the side of my part with a live radial tool (ball end mill, 10mm diameter). Ideally the feature would be machined and the c-axis would index around to the next slot and the process repeat. I have a mill turn lathe with c-axis and y-axis milling (nakamura tome tw10) and am using the nakamura post with seems to work. How would I go about doing this? Thank you!

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Is the radius of that slot the same size as the tool you're using? You've got a couple options;

1) Trace, with a sketch line down the center, multiple depths of cut, compensation set to Center

2) 2D Contour, same approach as above

3) 3D Toolpaths, patterned around the C axis

(actually, all toolpath options would be to program just one slot and then dump them into a Pattern > Rotate)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi Seth!

Many thanks. I was able to work out how to do option 3.


Thank you!


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How about the part internal bore? It is quite a bit of material to remove (part is aluminum). Which strategy would work best? Drill and bore or helical mill and finish bore? What do you think?



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Blow it out with a large insert drill, use the same drill to rough to near final dimension (assuming one insert is oriented correctly), bore. Is it thru or blind? What tolerances do you have to hold? In aluminum, I'd likely rough it all over, leaving .02/.03" stock on (obviously, leave enough to hold onto (.50" or so)), and then lower my clamping pressure to around 75-100 psi

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Many thanks for the advice. Blind hole, bore tolerance around H7. Good trick. I will remember that. No indexable drill at hand now so I will bore to size. Thank you!

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