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Mill/turn post processor with Fanuc control and G68.2 rotation?

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Mill/turn post processor with Fanuc control and G68.2 rotation?



Is there any post processors for Mill/turn machine with Fanuc control and G68.2 rotation? I know Mazak post processors have those, but for my machine that does not work because the B axis orientation does not work properly, i can get it work on main spindle or sub spindle, but not both. 

My B axis 0 is vertical position (X direction) and with Mazak integrex it is horizontal (Z direction). 


Or is there any way to transfer those euler angle functions to existing Fanuc post processor like DMG Mori NLX?


My axis settings: (don't mind about the range, i just made it so that it would not give me errors)


var bAxisMain = createAxis({coordinate:1, table:true, axis:[0, 1, 0], range:[180, -180], preference:0});
    var cAxisMain = createAxis({coordinate:2, table:true, axis:[0, 0, 1], range:[-360, 360], cyclic:true, preference:0});

    var bAxisSub = createAxis({coordinate:1, table:false, axis:[0, -1, 0], range:[-180, 180], preference:0});
    var cAxisSub = createAxis({coordinate:2, table:true, axis:[0, 0, -1], range:[-360, 360], cyclic:true, preference:0});


and my machine configuration: (i have tested these so now it "works", but it does not really, i would need to make more "if" statements there)


 /** detect machine configuration */
  machineConfiguration = (currentSection.spindle == SPINDLE_PRIMARY) ? machineConfigurationMainSpindle : machineConfigurationSubSpindle;
  if (!gotBAxis) {
    if (getMachiningDirection(currentSection) == MACHINING_DIRECTION_AXIAL && !currentSection.isMultiAxis()) {
      machineConfiguration.setSpindleAxis(new Vector(0, 0, 1));
    } else {
      machineConfiguration.setSpindleAxis(new Vector(1, 0, 0));
  } else {
    if (currentSection.spindle == SPINDLE_PRIMARY) {
      machineConfiguration.setSpindleAxis(new Vector(0, 0, 1));
    }  else {
      machineConfiguration.setSpindleAxis(new Vector(0, 0, -1));
And now i am using a Mazak integrex 200i post processor.
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Are you sure you need to use G68.2? It's function for 5X tilted work planes.


All my mill/turn post processor uses direct angle. For example:

Mazak Integrex:  G0 G53 B70.

Siemens: B1=70

DMG Mori:  TC(1,0,0,2,70,0)


I don't think there is some defaul Fanuc mill/turn post with B axis. You should use Mazak or DMG as a base post and modify it for your machine.


I offer post processor development services, if you need my help send me a message.


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in reply to: Ville5MPXA

I figured it out, i had made a mistake of putting my B axis orientation for turning same as milling. That solved the issue. Now the code looks as it should.

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