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Mill/Turn Post processor fail.

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Mill/Turn Post processor fail.

Hi everone,

I got problem with Haas Mill/Turn ST35Y; I recently making part and using live tooling to mill the flat on the round body, it is ok on graphic, but when post it out to NC file, it gives me an error message. Anyone has the same problem before and please advise me how to fix it:


I am  using 3/4 flat EM on this operation it is ok when I am putting the .20" at the "Tangential Fragment" but more than 0.2" it won't work and it won't work when I try to using multi. depth also.





Share link; https:

I also attached the post as well.


Thank you for any help.

 H. Phan

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Hello hphanQ726A

The post is reporting you tool path is exceeding the limits. In most cases this would be the Y axis limits. I see your tool path is at 2.1563 inches from center and the limits as set in the post are +/- 2. inches in the Y axis. You might have to choose a smaller tool and take a few passes.

Bill Cain
Sr. Technical Consultant
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in reply to: hphanQ726A

The other option would be to use a radial tool and sidemill it. You could use Polar machining to get around the Y travel limitations.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for help!!

Can we adjust the center limit a little bit bigger which allow the tool can go further? and if we change the center limit, will it affect the real toolpath at the machine?




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in reply to: hphanQ726A

Does your machine have physical travel greater than the 2" (at that X height)?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Yes, I am running Haas ST35Y with Sub. and the ID bore is 4.0". I believe the machine have physical travel greater than the 2".

As you mention above, I can machine the flatness with the axial live tool with no problem, but I want to use the radial live tool to see it can handle with this situation or not which allow me to understand the capabilities of the fusion 360. I use Mastercam to machine this feature with no problem.




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