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Mikron W51D Heidenhain tnc355 postprocessor cleanup help

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Mikron W51D Heidenhain tnc355 postprocessor cleanup help

Hi !

A few years ago I found this postprocessor that I modified a bit to work with my machine. ( Thank you to those who wrote it!)

I've been trying to clean up the postprocessor to make it a little easier for my machine to read (and for me too)


What I don't get to work is that:


The postprocessor does not download the Safe retract plane from cad.


When changing tools, I want it to go to say z +100 for an easier manual change of tool.


The Postprocessor adds some unnecessary lines for M-codes.


Is there anyone can help me with this?


I have very little knowledge (= or none) of javascript. I've managed to change it so that it puts in a TOOL DEF before TOOL CALL because otherwise tnc355 will forget the tool definition on long programs.

Grateful for the help /Johnny

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Hi johnny.jacobsson97 

I have edit your post porcessor. Now you can set you tool change clearence in the properties tab if you start your postprocess.


In line 52 in your postprocessor you can change the default value if you want

in line 489 is the output of your new Z move in front of the Tool change.


Please try and test it!

I hope it helps!

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Wow that was superqick, thank you!


Are you able to edit so it picks up the tool offset aswell?

As of now all my tools are set to "L 0". 

The post picks up the radius of the tool but not its actual length.



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I can give you the length under Tool holder or over all tool length of the tool.
This version of your Postprocessor give you the theoretic tool length under your holder.

You find this in line 255 in your postprocessor

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Thank you!

I will try this tonight.



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Thank you for your help!

With your guidence I managed to hett this postprocessorer almost perfect for my machine.

I'm very happy!



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