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MDF panels - save operations inside part

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MDF panels - save operations inside part


I'm looking for a way to save CNC operations inside part. For example I create kitchen mdf panel and then assign operations to mill it on CNC, then I need to create more similar panels (but different size in X&Y) and nest them. Is it possible in fusion 360 or it will be anytime soon?

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It's not super clear what you're describing but the broad answer is yes, there are many ways to achieve this sort of workflow. You can save machining operations into templates and then easily deploy them to a new design with a right click, or you can design your parts/assemblies parametrically and have the machining operations recalculate when you change the design.

Nesting functionality in Fusion is awesome, but is in the Nesting & Fabrication extension.
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templates are way too prmitive for that. I'm using them but it's to slow. Maybe I could describe it to you step by step:


1) Creation of 3D model of kitchen mdf panel (mostly kitchen cabinet doors)
2) In manufacturing create paths for that panel/door

3) Reapeat step 1) and 2) for every design of mdf doors we use in production.

4) Create project for customer order and add different panels into one project by moving them into and breaking the link and changing X and Y dimensions of every added panel (thickness is almost always the same)

6) Go to manufacturing and nest files

7) Create setup using operations from every mdf panel (without using templates) - then need to be somehow linked to component


Final: Postprocess every sheet

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in reply to: Pabiuro

It took me few re-reads but I think I understand now what you mean... you have a range of components, each with their own machining strategies, and for each customer order you want to mix and match these components, bringing in their pre-programmed machining operations.

Great idea, I can definitely see the appeal of that for a cabinetmaking business, but AFAIK what you want isn't possible with Fusion at present.

There are options that are close, like posting out the toolpaths for a component in advance and then calling as a subprogram/macro, but if you're changing the dimensions of the component then that won't work.

It's beyond my current expertise with Fusion but I suspect you might find it possible using Python via Scripts & Add-Ins.
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Yeah, thats exactly what I need. To be fair fusion 360 is great option for making mdf panels on CNC but it lacks function that I mention above.

Also I'm looking for some way to import models with dimensions from csv file to prepare file for production quicker and with less mistakes
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@Pabiuro we're actually working on something along the lines of what you're looking for. I don't have an ETA on when it will be available, but I'm fairly certain you'll be pleased with the functionality.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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