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May22 update - dialogue box unit increment arrows removed

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May22 update - dialogue box unit increment arrows removed

Firstly, I just want to say thanks to the Fusion team for another update to a truly great product.  I use it every day for multi axis milling, turning and part design.


Anyway, Please can you put back the unit increment arrows in the operation dialogue boxes?  I use them all the time as they worked really well.  It was intelligently adaptive to the number of decimal places.

p.s The 3 dots options in the update are great additions.




many thanks


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in reply to: iporter6

Hi -


This was done intentionally to synch up with prior changes in other areas of Fusion, as a result of adding the 3-dot menu. I'll raise your request with our Experience Design folks -- maybe they can think up a compromise, especially if this is something that a lot of users find helpful. Tell your friends to speak up if so!



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in reply to: jeff.pek


+1 for me as well. This was also discussed in the CAB chat.. seems like for certain  dialogs this is definitely a feature that is missed.

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in reply to: Don.Cyr

Same here, didn't realise I actually used them until they were gone. I'd like to see them back especially for any integer fields.

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in reply to: iporter6

Yes, I use these arrow all the time and now have to select the value with the mouse then edit with the keyboard which is adding time to my programming.


Mostly use this in the bottom height field if I want my tool to go 1mm below the model bottom for instance I just click on the arrow once.




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in reply to: iporter6

I use this too! Exactly like @a.laasW8M6T says.

I do think this needs to be brought back. In my opinion it would not interfer with the 3dot menu

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in reply to: iporter6

This is honestly such a great feature that has been removed and I agree with @Anonymous said. Please either bring this back or make it an option to turn on and off in preferences.

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in reply to: iporter6

@jeff.pek I just want to make sure this topic doesn't fall off the table.  Any feed back on bringing it back?

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in reply to: iporter6

I haven't seen anything more on this here internally. I've nudged our experience designers to try to get an update.


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in reply to: iporter6

Please add this back in.

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in reply to: iporter6

Rant On: There seems to be an unstoppable effort to make the software GUI cleaner at the expense of usability.  The scroll bars are so narrow they've all but disappeared.  Remember when you could grab an edge of a dialog box and increase the width or height to suit your needs?  Now with everything hidden it requires exponentially more mouse clicks to accomplish most things.  The font sizes are small with less contrast to increase eye strain, but hey, you didn't buy it to use it did you.  It's so pretty, why would you clutter it up to make it useable? Rant Off

Dale Speakes
prototype technology
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in reply to: iporter6

I still want these arrows back, it really reduces programming efficiency.

More mouse clicks + physical hand movement = more time to achieve what used to be one simple click


Same with the new chaining methods, lots more wasted movement and additional clicks(I know there has been some improvements in this area that are yet to be released but...)

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