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Masso post processor

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Masso post processor

The post processor for MASSO gives an error that tool numbers are to of range (31 tools), but mass now allows 100 tools in the tool table, can the post be change to reflect this change, as it is I can not post a project I have,


thank you



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I can post with a tool number much larger than 100 no problems, but I see the 31 tool warning appear only If i have some other error like trying to post with TSC here:



Are you sure that you are not having some other error in your error log that is actually the problem?


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Thank you for the reply


this is the error that comes up

Looks like it could be something else ( Error: Failed to invoke function 'onSection'. ) I don't know what that means



Information: Configuration: MASSO
Information: Vendor: Hind Technology Australia
Information: Posting intermediate data to '/Volumes/CNC MASSO/3 Cylinder Radial/Crankcase/Milling/3 Cylinder'
Information: Total number of warnings: 3
Error: Failed to post process. See below for details.
Start time: Fri Nov 3 07:40:53 2023
Post processor engine: 4.6018.0
Configuration path: /Users/michael/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Autodesk Fusion 360/Y5Z2NHHAKUYH/W.login/M/D20220131491840181/CAMPosts/masso.cps
Include paths: /Users/michael/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Autodesk Fusion 360/Y5Z2NHHAKUYH/W.login/M/D20220131491840181/CAMPosts
Configuration modification date: Fri Nov 3 03:26:19 2023
Output path: /Volumes/CNC MASSO/3 Cylinder Radial/Crankcase/Milling/3 Cylinder
Checksum of intermediate NC data: 677ce564922cf0cf2c43f1a39897a1de
Checksum of configuration: 3f842f12506b453084789f133550b85e
Vendor url:
Legal: Copyright (C) 2012-2022 by Autodesk, Inc.
Generated by: Fusion 360 CAM 2.0.17710
Warning: The provided CAM machine configuration is overwritten by the postprocessor.
Warning: Detected maximum values are out of range.
Maximum values:
Tool number: 31

Tool number value exceeds the maximum value for tool:

Error: Failed to invoke function 'onSection'.
Error: Failed to invoke 'onSection' in the post configuration.
Error: Failed to execute configuration.
Stop time: Fri Nov 3 07:40:53 2023
Post processing failed.


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This is the part I'm trying to post

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are you using the latest masso post from the library?


I see also that you must be using a machine configuration(and maybe machine simulation?)

as there is a warning about the post overwriting the machine config.


The tool numbering thing is just a warning and shouldn't cause an error, neither should the post overwriting the machine config.


Is it possible to share a fusion file that is causing the error along with the post processor here in a reply? EDIT- I see it above

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I get this error on the 4th axis operations



Which is interesting because subprograms is set to "NO" - i think this is a bug in the post


But it's an easy fix, just use a number as a program name, which it seems you have in your first NC program.


EDIT- to clarify, if I use a number for the program name it posts correctly for me

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Yes it is the latest post

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I just changed to a number for the name and it did post


I had this trouble ages ago and someone from Autodesk changed the post processor because it ad a bug in it

Maybe the bug has returned since the update 


Thank you for your help



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Also before this bug was only related to APPLE and not WINDOWS

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in reply to: michaelrfisher

You can use attached PP. I allowed the letter to be used in the program name and tools up to 100.

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I'll ping @seth.madore  about the bugs.

  • error - "Program name must be a number when using subprograms." even with the Subprograms Post Property set to "NO"
  • Warning - "The provided CAM machine configuration is overwritten by the postprocessor." - even with no machine configuration selected, this is when  a configuration is set in the post:




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Thank you for your help


I am a hobby person so I apreciate you helping very much



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in reply to: AdamKunzo

Thank you for your help



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in reply to: AdamKunzo

Your post worked very well

Thank you


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