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Marking hole location with plasma

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Marking hole location with plasma

Is there any way to use the plasma operations to mark a hole location in fusion? With that i mean move to hole location before lighting the arc for a few milliseconds thus making a small crater? I know this is possible with for example sheetcam but havent figures out how to do so in fusion. I have tried to do so with a drill operation but my postprocessor does not suppport it. 

Thanks in advance


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Unfortunately there's no great way to do this.  But there are workarounds that aren't too bad once it's all set up.


What I did is create a Favorited dimension to use on simple pierced holes. Mine is .200" diameter. So whenever I want a marked center I just make the hole in my design (or a sketch overlay) that size. Then I created a Tool with the plasma kerf set to a couple thou under the hole size. Then I saved a toolpath with no lead in/out as a Template so I can quickly just pick the .200" hole or sketch circle  and not ever need to mess with any of those settings again. This gives a toolpath that pierces then moves in a .002" circle, so basically just a point. 


Because plasma toolpaths have no Lead To Center option I also created templates for common hole sizes with lead ins that start approximately in the center of the hole. So for example I have templates for holes 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8. Each has its own lead in that gets the pierce point near center. I have another for holes bigger than half inch but still too small to use my normal lead in/out templates. 

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could you share your tool setup?  I am trying to get accurate placement of holes

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