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[Manufacturing suggestion]: Inside arc feed compensation for contouring and circular ops

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[Manufacturing suggestion]: Inside arc feed compensation for contouring and circular ops

When programming contouring or circular ops on a mill, it would be great if Fusion 360 would compensate the linear feeds set in the tool and slowed down to the appropriate spindle arc/cutting arc ratio.

Why I include circular ops you ask, when that's a single calculation on my end? Because the tools all neatly have their linear feedrates saved, so the circular op won't need those as my spindle will need to run slower the entire contour.


Basically a step above the singular feedrate override "Feed Optimization" affords me to cover a ratio based slow down on each arc vs a singular override with manually picked feedrate.


If all my arcs are the same, "Feed Optimization" works well enough, but we don't always get so lucky and the same contour has multiple inside arcs to mill through.


Why does Fusion 360 need to include this? Because it's a math based problem (arc ratio) that could be solved with a simple formula along the toolpath, and we could then just load a tool and apply it to a contour using the linear feed of the cutting data of that tool, we could switch tools and all arcs would still maintain the proper feedrate on inside arcs without us having readjust "Feed Optimization" manually, which if multiple inside arcs along the contour are encountered can only be exact for one of the arcs and an approximation for the others, leading to suboptimal cuts at best.


This would bring contouring ops more in line with the adaptive toolpaths, helping in maintaining tools and cycle time, eliminating manual steps for something that's rule based.


I hope this could be considered and added.


Best Regards,



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in reply to: dgoller2RNYJ

1 million percent AGREE


I have been controlling my toolpaths with Feed Optimization using a combination of Effective Cutter dia calc and then Feed Adjusting, but I am limited by the designation of the Reduced Feed Radius so it only adjusted for ONE radius


In the Reduced Feedrate, I have my expression as


(( reducedFeedRadius * 2 ) - ( tool_diameter + tool_tipDiameter ) / 2 ) / ( reducedFeedRadius * 2 ) * tool_feedCutting


internal adjust.png

But this would be lovely to have the software adjust, automatically

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in reply to: rengfx

Have you noticed that checking "Only Inner Corners" prevents it from using the extension and doesn't actually prevent it from applying it to external corners?


Was going to post that separate but I couldn't help but stare at the missing extension on your screenshot, figured i point that out.

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in reply to: dgoller2RNYJ

Ya that checkbox does i think literally nothing? Certainly not as described in the tool tips that pop up when you hover over it

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