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manually nest to 2 plywood sheets

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manually nest to 2 plywood sheets

I am trying to get 4 drawers milled from a single sheet of plywood, but that is not possible due to the size of the drawer bases.   I have 24 drawers to build in total. I could print 8 on two different sheets of plywood however.  The only way I could nest them would be to print 8 bottoms on one sheet and all the sides for those 8 drwaers on another sheet.  This represents two different stocks. Ideally I would like to retain my single design model and get it to a manufacturing model in such a way that I can put my toolpaths on the assemblies (I have holes to predrill, dados to cut, and a profile to outline for each side).  I would like then to create two different plywood stocks, and arrange all the bottoms onto one, and all the sides on the other.  I really don't want to do all of the various operations manually on 32 individual sides as that would be prone to error and probably require me to redo it if I change my base model at all.


How do the pros think I should look at this?  How should I think about multiple pieces of stock?  How should I think about multiple copies of the same assemblies on a single stock?


I don't have the advanced manufacturing add-on.  I am just a hobbyist and there is no way I can dump $1500 into another module each and every year.


Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.

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Have you investigated Mapboards Pro?...It has a modest one-off cost and should achieve what you are trying to do:


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I purchased that add-in and it works wonderfully!  Thank you so much for that suggestion.

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