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Manual visual tool check -Which Manual NC action?

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Manual visual tool check -Which Manual NC action?


I have some parts we are running that are not kind on the inserts, so i would like to manually inspect the insert for damage before it carries on.


Ideally i'd like the tool to finish, go back home and wait so i can visually inspect it after roughing, tell the control its fine after inspection and then it carries on from where it left off and does the final finishing pass.


I had a look at the NC command list but the descriptions are quite short.


Would the "Measure Tool" NC action be the one i am looking for? We don't have a probe on this machine so it would just be visual inspection while it waits at the home position. 





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Couple of options:
Stop, which inserts an M0

Manual NC Passthrough, in which you just type the code you want. For example, I would do this:
G49 G53Z0 M19



Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: thomas-buchan

Depending on the post, you may want to make sure to use a Manual Stop instead of an M0 pass-through. The handling is done in different code sections and the manual stop may for example force a spindle speed output on program resume while the pass-through would not.

So you would likely use a mix of Manual NCs:
- pass-through for G49 G53Z0 M19, M09 ...
- stop (for M0)
- comment for "Inspect feature X then cycle to continue..."

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Thank you both for your help. 


So i tried to use the pass through NC but it is not posting to my G code. 


This is the order i have my NC's in,




and my Pass through has the following,




But it is not pasting to my G code,




It has the M0 and the comment but nothing from the Pass through NC, any suggestions?

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in reply to: thomas-buchan

When I have to do this I will typically use "force tool change" in the manual NC.  Then a second manual NC for the comment "inspect tool" or whatever needs to be written.  You could add another for the M00 or just edit that one portion of code by hand from an M01 to an M00.  Hope that helps!

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in reply to: thomas-buchan

Your post processor must be lacking passthrough support.


Check the online Fusion 360 Post Library for an updated version of your post and if that stil does not have it, add the passthrough support yourself following this article:

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As mentioned the function "passthrough" is probably what you want to use for this. At least it's what I have found being the most usefull and versitile way of getting manually edited code out when posting programs. I use it for both manual and automatic tool inspection, calling macros and subprograms etc. But as usefull as it is there's also danger to ading code manually, so you have to be careful and know what your'e doing.

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