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Machining Boundary for 2D Trace

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Machining Boundary for 2D Trace

I'm building a spring-loaded pen holder (a bit like this one) for a shopbot so that I can draw some lines on plywood before cutting it. (Reason: I'm cutting out parts for a boat; having the centerline of each part marked on it is a big help, as are labels on the pieces. I'm actually drawing the to-be-cut outlines as well, to make it easy to figure out where to add hold-down screws that won't get hit by the cutting tool on the second pass). The problem is that if my pen goes off the edge of the plywood, it'll be tough for it to "climb back up", so I'd like to say "just don't draw anything within a half-inch of the plywood edge". For things like Adative CLearing, there's a 'machining boundary' option. Is there a way to get something similar for the 2D trace operation?


Related: Is there a way to answer questions like this for myself? For almost every operation, there seem to be a huge number of options, and sometimes I don't even know that they're there to explore, and the old days of "read the manual page" seem to be done. 


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Trace (or other 2D toolpahts) just follows the curve (or other type of geometry) selection. You can make a boundary and simple not select any curve beyond the boundary.

You can reduce the length of toolpath using negative start/end extension length.



I would suggest to use strategy Project. 3D operations allow to use a boundary. 




If you start with Fusion, I would advise to get a basic, well structured training. There are a lot of parameters available, but there are some basic ones that need to be learned. The rest can be learned as you go along.


Send me a message if you would like to get a help.


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I like the idea of using the 3D "Project" operation; unfortunately, it seems to be stalled out, because generating a path, after multiple minutes of waiting, is still generating this:


As for systematic learning, I'd be happy to do that. So far I've mostly relied on Lars's videos to get me started. But I find myself asking questions like "If I want to do something for a boat, things like the overall length may be useful parameters in multiple individual designs (like "deck layout" and "hull shape"), but parameters seem to be tied to individual designs. Surely there's some hierarchy available that I'm just not seeing...but where is it?"


I'd welcome any suggestions on a well-structured training procedure.


(BTW, in the time it's taken me to write this note, there's been no progress at all on the "Project" operation.)

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Fusion does have a manual. There's a black dot/I in the bottom left corner of the toolpath window that explains all.



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