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Machine Simulation - Tailstock Rotates When Simulating 4th Axis program

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Machine Simulation - Tailstock Rotates When Simulating 4th Axis program

Hey guys,


I have set up my machine simulation with a 4th axis attachment. Everything simulates fine with the machine however there is a part that I need to put a bed mounted tailstock in to support it. I modelled the tailstock up and imported it into the design and positioned it on the part. The part has the chuck positioned on the other side and in my set up I nominated it as a fixture and mounted it to the face plate of the 4th Axis. This simulates correctly however the tailstock rotates around with the part / the 4th axis.


Is there anyway to fix the tailstock to stop it from moving without adding in the machine builder and keep it as a fixture in the design?


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in reply to: josh_maunder

Yea this is a limitation of how machine sim works currently.

I made a copy of the machine simulation file with the tailstock/ steadyrest on it that i use for those situations

so the tailstock in in the machine file NOT the part file



it does mean you would need to adjust the position of the tailstock each time the part length changed which is annoying. but for me theres only one part I do that actually needs it in the simulation

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Hey mate,


Seeing as you were very helpful on the last simulation drama that I had.


If you have time could you please have a look at this 5 axis simulation that I set up.


It throws this code every time I try to machine simulate... I have no Idea why, I think everything is set correctly.


Hopefully you know what is going on with it?


Please see the attached machine model/ simulation & manufacturing part I am testing it on






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