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Machine Simulation control functions

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Machine Simulation control functions

Having just built my first F360 Machine simulation environment for a 5 axis Heidenhain controlled machine, I'm now looking for ways to control it to mirror the commands in the post. For example if in the post there is a 'writeRetract(Z)', this outputs 'M140 MB MAX' in Heidenhain. The machine simulation seems however to be unaware of this!


A non-Autodesk system I used before this had the function simPath{} which I could use to send commands to the machine simulation which would reflect the actual functions of the machine in use. So the writeRetract() function would writeBlock to the post and simPath to the simulation and the two would line up if everything was entered correctly.


How would I get a retract working based off the post in F360 Machine simulation? Thanks!

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Unfortunately that’s not possible yet as far as i know. The developers are working on it though

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@weber_dominic is correct, this isn’t possible at the moment. We are working on adding this functionality now and hope to get it in your hands ASAP


George Roberts

Manufacturing Product manager
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Good to hear it's being worked on!

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