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Machine Builder - Nutating Head

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Machine Builder - Nutating Head

Hi all, 


Looking for some help, I understand the machine builder is new and I was wondering if it was possible to have a machine configuration with a nutating head? The machine I am trying to build is the Correa Norma MG25. 


I can't seem to get the correct kinematics I need which would be XYZ linear, AB rotating heads, C table rotary. Is this possible?



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Hi @cheryl_sneddon 

Yes it is possible to simulate the nutating head machine as well key thing setting the machine kinematic tree correctly

your kinematics tree should be something like this and the 45 deg nutating head should have the orentation values 0.707107 in X and 0 in Y and 0.707107 in Z 

45deg head.png

If it still it didn't attach the machine model over here.



Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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Thanks @boopathi.sivakumar so I have defined my machine in my post processor, so I am assuming that my machine definition must be the same as what is recorded in the machine kinematics, like in Powermill?

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You don't need to define kinematics in both the places. Either you define the kinematics in machine definition via machine configuration tab as above or else define in the post processor. 

If you define it in both the places. the kinematics will be taken form the post processor.


Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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Hi @boopathi.sivakumar thanks, 


So if I have already defined my machine kinematics in my post processor how do I get my model to simulate?


Also I have attached an image to show you the machine I am working with, both heads rotate around the Y, do you think this is possible to simulate?XYZABC.jpg

So the heads A and B rotate around the Y and the C is the rotary table. Before I go any further is this possible currently? Also to confirm the heads nutate at 45 deg. 

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For working with simulation you have to set the machine kinematics only in machine configuration. You have to disable the kinematics in the post processor. 

refer the below link to know more about building the machine file from scratch.

If nothing works, attach machine model here and mention the limits of each axis i can help to create the machine file.


Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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Hi @boopathi.sivakumar Thanks for your help! 😁

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In this example, shouldnt it be B0.707 C0.707 instead of A0.707 C0.707 ? @boopathi.sivakumar 

Inventor HSM and Fusion 360 CAM trainer and postprocessor builder in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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yes that's right if the head is rotating around Y and Z then it should be B axis 0, 0.707, 0.707 

Boopathi Sivakumar
Senior Technology Consultant

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