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Mach 3 post processing 4 axis rotary parallel

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Mach 3 post processing 4 axis rotary parallel

Hi there,

Im trying to machine a chess piece on my 3020 cnc with 4th axis.
I had no issues in the past using the march3 post processor, downloaded in the autodesk library, but now when I try to use the 4th axis the code generated don't make sense in the milling process.
My 4th axis turns around the Y axis, and in the code the X axis keeps moving from one site to another in the block, i belivie that was supposed for don't have any moviment in the x coordinate  


post processor
the design - Tentativa2
the generated g-code - Example 1


Somehow on one of the early mornings I managed to generate the code according to what I believe would be the correct way, but when I uploaded the file in the morning the machine settings were updated and I was no longer able to repeat the process, but the generated code (R4) is also attached.


Thanks for the attention

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in reply to: iago_machado

Hello @iago_machado 


If you need a help implement 4X correctly to your post processor you can send me a message. 

I offer post processor modification as a service and can sort out this for you.



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in reply to: AdamKunzo

Hello Adam,

I would appreciate it, but first I would like to confirm that everything is correct, such as the setup and settings of the machine in fusion360
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in reply to: iago_machado

I will check your setup tomorrow and let you know 

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in reply to: iago_machado

Your setup is not correct. If you'd like to get a help from me, send me a message so we can discuss technical details and so on.

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