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Lots of bodies vs lots of features

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Lots of bodies vs lots of features

Kind of a general question regarding toolpath generation...


I have a sign design. It is a flat sign with raised lettering. The text design was done in Illustrator, converted to curves, and then exported to DXF and imported to F360. It is 24"x48" and it's not particularly dense (see below). The letters are raised 3/16". (More details...the sign was originally designed at 48"x96" and then scaled down to the current size.)


Generating adaptive and pocket toolpaths to clear material (leaving the text) for this seems to take a long time (30-60 minutes). I realize that the text introduces geometry that isn't ideal, but still.


Currently, there is a single body with many extruded features.


The question is this: Is there any reason to prefer a single body with many features vs multiple bodies (i.e. each letter would be a single body)? I'm thinking primarily in terms of toolpath generation, but other efficiencies might come into play, as well; things like scaling, changing the depth of the extrusion, etc.




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