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Looking at purchasing fusion license probing question

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Looking at purchasing fusion license probing question

I think probing will help with my accuracy and reduce errors.

Before I leap:

1 My gcode sender (candle) can probe in x,y,z.... will the generic grbl post processor be able to output successful probing routines.....(think so).  If not what options might work to enable probing.

2 Not sure about getting output from candle? So what would be some options to candle that would be fully capable of probing and file outputs.

3 anything else I am missing.


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I don't think the Autodesk supplied GRBL post supports probing. It's certainly possible to modify another post to do this, if that's the route you want to go. I seem to recall a thread a while back where another user had ported over all the needed code for the GRBL to handle probing. You might be able to search for that thread and see if it gets you what you're looking for..

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi @jscott6SWZG 


Fusion is supporting several probing type.

We can probe a bore/boss/groove/wall/point in order to set the part wcs.

But it is using either the Renishaw Inspection+ macros, or the Blum's ones.

Probably not available on Grbl.


Second type is probing 2d geometry for tool wear update, or geometry inspection.

Same remark as above.


Third type of probing, surface inspection probing.

We are probing using the controller probing functions (G31 on Fanuc, meas on Siemens....)

It does not need any macros from a probe manufacturer.

In order to interpret the results, a file must be created by the controller, with the coordinates captured by the probe, stored one after another. (a specific formatting must be used for reading it back in Fusion)

Not tested on grbl, but might be possible.




Technical Consultant
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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

Thanks for the start. Ill do more reading and track it down

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