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Limitation of inclination range in trunnion-type 5-axis milling machines.

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Limitation of inclination range in trunnion-type 5-axis milling machines.

For trunnion-type 5-axis machines, I believe the definition of the tilting direction depends on the CAM system and machine tool configuration.
However, sometimes the machine may be tilted in a direction that is a blind spot from the machine operator's side.
In such cases, we have found this solution.

Are there any plans to implement a feature in Fusion360 to achieve similar functionality without having to change the machine tool configuration?

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Had this happen occasionally, until I went into the Machine Configuration and put the Preference for my Tilt to Positive in order to tilt towards the operator and it has literally never been an issue since in the 2 years since I set that simulation machine up


What's the issue with setting a machine configuration up? I would think controlling this at the toolpath level would be redundant. It's already handled globally

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Thanks for the reply.
I have reviewed the sign settings in the machine config after you told me about it.
It now tilts in the direction of my desired tilt.
I seem to recall that when the machine simulation feature was first added to Fusion360, this parameter was not working in both machine config and post, has this been fixed recently?

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