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lathe turning finish strategy arcs inverted between start and end points

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lathe turning finish strategy arcs inverted between start and end points

for some reason, recently or maybe I have just now become aware of this issue, when using profile tool paths, I am getting Gcode output that does not properly follow the radius of the arc in finishing strategys. The part is a confidential design So I cannot share it publicly, however this is a infuriating problem to contend with. The arc radius is often INVERTED from where is should be in the finish pass between the start and end point. 



I can attach my custom linuxcnc post processor. The issue is not present in the simulation, only in the actual output Gcode. 


this post fixed NUMEROUS issues with tool changes that are present in the default Linuxcnc post. Not exclusively limited to g28 g53 commands etc.It removes a number of superfluous output codes but has so far reliably produced functional Gcode, until at least the last 24 hrs afaik 



after quick review, it appears that in every situation the G2 and G3 commands are inverted from the displayed simulation in software. This is a back tool lathe, and runs counter clockwise for most operations. the issue is specific to the IJK commands. 

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UI design BUG


do not hide the turret assignment down in the tool postprocessor tab, ALSO there should be a notification about arc direction and turret location posted somewhere in a configuration tab. It's probably best to remove this feature because it makes no sense to even invert arc direction unless you are using a sub spindle and the Z is reversed from the standard XZ layout. the defualt should always be turret ZERO, unless you have a sub spindle on the opposite end of the machine. 


I'll edit the post processor YET AGAIN


found in this thread 




in reply to: WillL84
‎07-16-2020 05:10 PM

I just had this problem with F360 and my turret equipped Slant 15.  I think the real solution is to be found in the comments of the Post file:

// Turret Assignments
// The following tooling options are controlled by the Turret number associated
// with the tool in the tool library.
// Turret 0 = Positional Turret
// Turret 1 = Quick Change Front Tool Post
// Turret 2 = Quick Change Rear Tool Post
// Turret 3 = Gang Tooling on Front Tool Post
// Turret 4 = Gang Tooling on Rear Tool Post


I set all my tools to Turret 0 in the Tool Library and problem appears to be solved.  (Tools are now coming from X positive in Pathpilot where they were trying to cut from X negative before).

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the turret doesn't effect arc handedness, the spindle location does, this is still wrong 

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