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Lathe Post Processor with subroutines

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Lathe Post Processor with subroutines

Looking at creating a program for my Haas St-10. I am using a bar puller and currently dont have macros enabled. I am loading a 4' bar into my spindle. I am pulling the bar out 4 parts worth of length. I am running a program to make the 4 parts. I However want this program to be a sub program to the main program, where I have the main program pulling up the sub-program XXX amount of times(pull, run, cut-off, run, cut-off, run, cut-off, run, cut-off). I cannot get Fusion to post an St-10 post with sub-programs. The base St-10 post does not have the option enabled. I tried adding what I think it needed from a VF2 post to enable it. I was able to get the post screen to show enabling the sub-program option. However upon posting, it does NOT post as sub-programs. Im looking for help with this. This is a great workaround to buying macros for this specific job. Thank you!

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I cannot help with post edits but as you only intend to pull the bar 4 times can't you structure your main program to call M98P? after every barpull? You won't need Macros enabled to achieve this. You can post the cutting program out and edit the M30 to an M99 so it loops back into the main program.

Christopher Cooper
Technical Consultant
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You are right, there are ways around Macros. I am currently doing this without Macros. I am using an M99 jumping to sub-program below main program. I would just like to have my post processor post out the subprogram for me to reduce needing for hand modifications. Currently my Mill post processor just posts out and no need to modify my post after the fact. Would be nice if the lathe offered this in its post.

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