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Lathe Face Groving - AxialRetractDistance > axialStockHigh

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Lathe Face Groving - AxialRetractDistance > axialStockHigh

I can not get this face groving operation to generate a tool path, I've look around seen a number of people with and with out solutions but none seem to work for me.

The settings in this file are not total messed up with my playing.

The tool is a HSS ground for the job.


Could anyone help me?



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in reply to: accounts7JPEJ

A bit crude i know, but how about something like this?

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in reply to: MichaelD872


I seem to do the job at a basic level. Are you able to explain what your changes were?


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in reply to: accounts7JPEJ

The main change i did was to create a derived operation of your grooving operation.

And instead used a Roughing turning profile where i removed stock to leave.

Then i made some small adjustments to your Radii settings.


If this solves your problem and lets you make the part.

Please let me know 😉

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@accounts7JPEJ it will work if you set turning mode to "outside". face groove roughing is not a good workflow right now, and we realize that. we are very close to releasing a new groove roughing strategy that has an explicit face turning mode that will simplify your workflow.



Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager
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in reply to: accounts7JPEJ

Hello all. I have manage to machine the parts only 30 off required.

A couple of points.Setting "outside" did not work at all.

The changes made by michaelR5DNW allowed me to tweak things further and get it done with a lot of wasted movement.

The problem was that the path machined to the bottom of the groove and plunged smaller in the x direction requiring the face grooving tool to machine side ways making some nasty noises and putting the tool at risk. Changing the depth of cut to 0.2mm reduced the side plunge to manageable load and created many 0.2 cuts in the +X direction to achieve the groove width. I made a new Wider HSS side grooving tool to  reduce the number of cuts to 2 off and was able to get the job done. All very time consuming.

michaelR5DNW is correct. A better work flow for this type of operation is required
Thanks again

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