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Lathe CAM Square Thread Cutting

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Lathe CAM Square Thread Cutting

Need to lathe cut a 5mm pitch square thread, with a 3mm wide grooving tool.  Not interested in modelling it, just the CAM to cut it.  Assumed would be straight forward, but Fusion won't let me use the grooving tool, and i can't seem to find any other option or info on the subject.


I guess a workaround is to just use an external threading tool in Fusion, but use the grooving tool for the actual cutting with the correct machine off-sets.


Anyone run into this issue?


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I did some 10tpi ACME threads last summer and to do so I just programmed as though I was using an external threading tool. I just made sure to turn the major O.D. to the nominal size for the thread size I was cutting and defined the Pitch and Depth accordingly.


I don't believe there is any way to define anything other than a 60º on edge or lay down style insert at this time. It would be really nice if they could add the functionality to define different thread profiles. Could this be something on the road map @akash.kamoolkar ? Being as there are many thread forms such as ISO, UNC, UNF, UNFJ, TRAPAZOID, ACME, etc. Having the option to define the insert for the thread form you are cutting would be very beneficial. Many times in aerospace and military Industries the specs are very specific on their thread forms and sizes, leaving very little room for error and having the option to define our cutting geometry and visualize the cutting action would be nice.

Zak Welsh
Zakary Welsh Machine LLC
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in reply to: zwelsh91

Hey guys,

We already have a task to implement standard threads for turning. I can't yet say when it will be implemented but thanks for letting us know about the user requirement.



Akash Kamoolkar

Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager
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Many thanks guys. 

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in reply to: andy.concept303

I Need to cut a 14mm pitch square thread using 2mm groove tool. Can I do it in fusion?


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in reply to: tspiszak

can u solved this question?

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in reply to: infoSG49B

You can select a grooving tool for a Thread toolpath:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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