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June 2023 Post Processor and Machine Simulation What' New

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June 2023 Post Processor and Machine Simulation What' New

Post Processor and Machine Simulation What’s New


Home Page Ok 2022.JPG


Looking for the latest post processors and machines updates? Look no further!

We are continually working


hard to bring you updates and improvements to the many open-source Post Processors and Machines we offer for free, but those updates often get lost in the shuffle of other enhancements or big feature releases. This post aims to update you on newly added or improved post processors and machines, so you can stay up to date on what you use today or look for news so you can get the most out of Fusion 360.


This post will get refreshed with notable updates as they’re released, and you can click each hyperlink to go to the mentioned post. As always, you can find the latest in our post processor offering on the Online Post Library where you can search by vendor, type, or name, and see any recent changes to each post processor.








  1. New Post Processors
  2. Improved Processors
  3. New Machines
  4. Improved Machines
  5. Tools and Tool Holders
  6. New Workholdings
  7. Improved Workholdings
  8. Post Processor Engine





Fusion360 Logo.png






1. New Post Processors


Milling Post Processors




Quickmill ok.png


Added generic Quickmill milling post processor.












Techman Robot

Added Techman robot post processor.








2. Improved Post Processors



We are always working to keep post processors up to date with new technologies. This is a summary of the main improvements made to post processors already in the library.




Generic Post Processors






Improved modal command output in several post processors.









Milling Post Processors






Anilam conversational, Biemmepi, Bosch, Bridgeport, Bridgeport DX-32, Brother, Brother Speedio, Doosan VMC, Easel, EMC, Estlcam, Fanuc Incremental, Forest Scientific, Gerber, GPlus, GSK, Intelitek, Komo, Kosy, MaslowCNC, MAXNC, Mektronix, Meldas, Micro Dynamics Mega 30VT, MillMaster Pro, Milltronics, Mitsubishi, MultiCam ISO, MyDIYCNC, NcStudio, NCT, NewCNC Router, Num, Shopsabre IS-M, Tekna, UCCNC, X-Carve, Yasnac, WinCNC

Updated posts to use shared content across post processors.









Fixed M-codes for air through tool coolant in Okuma post processor.











Fixed G2/G3 on ZX plane in Promax post processor.







Mill-Turn Post Processors





brother m140_thumbnail.png

Brother Speedio M140

Added G376 complex thread cutting cycle to Brother M140 post processor.










hurco tmm8_thumbnail.png

Hurco TMM8, Hurco TMM10, Hurco TMX8-MY, Hurco TMX10-MY, Hurco TMX8-MYS, Hurco TMX10-MYS

Fixed maximum spindle speed warning for turning operations in Hurco mill-turn post processors.











Okuma LB3000

Added the 'Safe start all operations' property to the Okuma LB3000 mill-turn post processor.









Additive Post Processors







The Creality post no longer outputs multiple warnings about properties.kind not being defined.









Ultimaker, Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker S5

- Reverted default extrusion mode to absolute extrusion for the Ultimaker post processors.

- Added material named 'None' to disable material definition output in Ultimaker

 post processors.







3. New Machines


Machine Library




The Machine Library lets you manage your machine tools by using Machine Configurations to define your available machines and resources. These configurations can automate the settings in your Job Setup.
There are many Machine Configurations available in the standard library.


You will have available configuration files for some of the leading machine manufacturers:





ethereal pentagram_thumbnail.png


               Ethereal Pentagram














              VC-EZ 26 with MR250 rotary










Quickmill ok.png


              Intimidator 120














SMEC Logo2.png

             MVF 5000

             HYST 5700










                DCV 2018B-5AX







The easiest way to get started, is to copy an existing configuration that matches some of the characteristics of your machine.





4. Improved Machines






               Desktop Metal Production System P-1 

               Desktop Metal Production System P-50 

               Desktop Metal Shop Systems 4L 

               Desktop Metal Shop Systems 8L 

               Desktop Metal Shop Systems 16L 

               Desktop Metal Shop Systems Forust 16L 

















5. Tools and Tool Holders


The Tool Library lets you manage tools for Milling, Turning, Cutting (waterjet, laser & plasma), Touch Probes and Holders. The Tool Library lets you manage libraries of predefined tools and project documents.





Solid Hole Making.png

Guhring - Solid Hole Making

In 1898 Guhring produced the first HSS drill bit and remains true to its beginnings. Our variety of drilling tools is unparalleled in the market. The product range stretches from micro-precision drills Ø 0.05 mm to special solutions with Ø 180 mm and from HSS drill bits to solid carbide or PCD.









6. New Workholding



Workholding Library



The Workholding library lets you add a workholding equipment (vise, table, tombstone, etc.) to a manufacturing model. Those can be found in the "CAM Samples" project folder that you can find in the Fusion 360 data panel:









All M6, M8 and QTR (¼ inch) threaded fixture files from Renishaw catalogue are now live.  They have fully actuated joints and behave as they would in real life.  The files include adjustable slides and jacks, centers workholding, 3 jaw chucks and static standoffs.  The parts can be used to model clamping, supporting cylindrical parts, pushing, vise clamping and fixturing with tension clamps.  Plate files for placing all these components are available as well. Below a detail of all the parts added.




Renishaw M6 threaded fixtures:

-              Static Fixturing:  97 (M6 bolts, spring pusher, magnets, suction cups, standoffs, standoffs with threaded

                tops for stacking)

-              Jointed Fixturing:  41 (adjustable slides, adjustable jacks, clamps, vises)

-              Centers:  4

-              3 jaw chucks:  4

-              Plates:  39



Renishaw M8 threaded fixtures:

-              Static Fixturing:  54 (bolts, spring pusher, magnets, suction cups, standoffs, standoffs with threaded tops for


-              Jointed Fixturing:  23 (adjustable slides, adjustable jacks, clamps, vises)

-              Centers:  2

-              3 jaw chucks:  2

-              Plates:  29



Renishaw QTR (¼ inch) threaded modular fixtures:

-              Static Fixturing:  94 (bolts, spring pusher, magnets, suction cups, standoffs, standoffs with threaded tops

                for stacking)

-              Jointed Fixturing:  41 (adjustable slides, adjustable jacks, clamps, vises)

-              Centers:  3

-              3 jaw chucks:  4

-              Plates:  44




7. Improved Workholding





5th axis.png


All 5th Axis files were reviewed and updated. 








8. Post Processor Engine



Our development team is always working to update and fix the Autodesk CAM Post Processor engine. These modifications are not related to a specific postprocessor (as described above) but affect the entire library or at least the post processors using that specific class. The current post processor kernel is 4.5971.





API.pngAdded the getToolList function that returns a list of tools based on the provided tool criteria to determine if tools are different.







API.pngThe correct bounding box is now calculated by the post processor for Turning Roughing Cycles.








API.pngUpdate the unsupported cycle messages.








API.pngPost processor executes `onClose` even if processing has failed.







You can find here all the information regarding the Autodesk CAM Post Processor engine.




Click here to see the previous What’s New release





Andrea Amilo

Senior Technical Consultant

Autodesk Knowledge Network | Fusion 360 Webinars | Autodesk Make

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