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Issues with selecting pockets to manufacture

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Issues with selecting pockets to manufacture

In our workflow we route files as seen in the screenshot. When making the pocket operation we tried two ways, but both have issues:

#1. Select all pockets one-by-one. But after selecting a few surfaces with a hole in it fusion becomes unworkably slow.
#2. Selecting a pocket and then using the "Select same plane faces" option. After some calculating this select all pockets automaticly. But when we simulate this routing operation we see it creates a routing path which does not follow a logic order (see screenshot).


Our workarround at the moment is way #1 with creating a new operation when it becomes to slow to select additional pockets.


Is there a more effecient way for our workflow?



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in reply to: t.velraeds

Wow, that gets sluggish rather quickly. Normally I'd expect to be able to take about twice the amount of contours before performance starts to degrade...

For features/components that are identical in every aspect, it's really hard to beat the efficiency of a good 'ol Pattern > Duplication. Program up one set of features on a single piece and then put it into a Pattern:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: t.velraeds

Thanks for your reply! This is indeed a good solution for our workflow. Many thanks!

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