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Is this a pocket bug?

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Is this a pocket bug?

I'm using the same size endmill as the internal pocket diameter. And it doesnt keep the corners sharp by default. 

I tested it in CONTOUR toolpath and it also required me to click KEEP CORNERS SHARP.  Which i thought was only used for external corners, not internal corners. 

Which i find VERY odd in regards to inside corner sharpness. 


I cannot for the life of me get the internal 2d POCKET finishing pass to stay sharp whatsoever. I basically have to add a contour toolpath and click the keep corners sharp button. 


What is going on with this? feels like a bug. 

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Without being able to see your file / settings, are you certain there isn't stock to leave set? It's a default option in 2D pocket


If you upload your file someone will take a close look


Note you'll typically want to use a smaller diameter cutter than the final internal corner, as the speed and feed of linear cutting will be significantly more than the tool is able to handle or at the least slow it down significantly with Feed Optimization settings


My typical formula to only need to reduce the linear feed down to 25% in the tight corners is the Tool Radius * .68, so a 1/2" ID corner is best cut with something like a 3/8" Endmill and if the finishing pass was 100 in/min would slow down to 25 in/min in the corner

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I have stock to leave set to -.0015 so that it will overshoot the corners by default. I've had it like that for probably a year. Yes i have feed optimization on to drop the feed down in the corner so it cleans up. but apparently thats not possible in the POCKET toolpath with a finish pass on.
i just tried it by turning off stock to leave and it does the same thing.

I dont have much choice in the endmill size. My problem is it works in the Contour toolpath but not in the Pocket toolpath with a finish contour turned on. Also, its not the default setting in the contour toolpath, i had to enable keep corners sharp. which doesnt make any sense for an inside corner.
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Do you have a Minimum cutting radius set? Can you make demo file to share and paste that op into it? And please don't attach pictures, it a lot easier to read if you paste them into your message.




Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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@Mischief_Machine if you could share your Fusion file, that would be helpful.

File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Yep that is set to 0.0 


i will have to make a blank part and upload it, i cant share these parts. 

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I've figured it out, 


its the radius compensation allowance that only shows up when you activate WEAR comp. 

Once that is set to zero it works properly. I will have to set those to zero as the default. 




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Dang it, no that isnt it, it has something to do with the angled corner maybe. That only fixed it when the corner was 90 degrees. 


for some reason the Pocket finish pass wont get rid of that minimum radius. 

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Can you make up a dummy file with that problem and share?


Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Yep, was just working on it. Here you go, 

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Ok, so it seems like that 1-2 year old toolpath is just corrupt. After seeing that the mock up worked fine, i decided to make a new toolpath from scratch in the old part program with all of the same settings as the old toolpath and now it works like a charm. 


old corrupt toolpath?

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