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internal cam kernal error

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internal cam kernal error

I just wanted to report a cam kernal error i just found within the 3D contour strategy.

I have been turning different settings on and off but have not been succesfull in finding the cause of this.


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There are a couple of problems. 

First is a bug in the slot tool setup. If you look at your tool you'll notice a thin disk at the same diameter as the upper shaft. I found a workaround if you setup something like this. I reported this bug a couple months ago.



The second problem is it looks like you need to set a small radius for the cutter, 0.01mm works!

See attached file. I made some mods. I deleted the manufacture models because they are not needed on simple parts like this. I've enabled the timeline and create a stock model without the undercuts So I can use rest machining it the 3d profile op. Check the tool definition and orientation of the part as I might have got that wrong.

Toolpath generates now but I changed it to machine from top down. There is a warning I think because the last pass in on the part and the move between the sides is on the face.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Thanks for your feedback!

The file i shared was just a small portion of the part i was programming but i applied all your feedback on my actual program and i have a toolpath i can use now.

The disk on slot mills is something i noticed a while ago as well but never knew you could get rid of it, so thanks for showing that too.

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