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Internal CAM Kernal Error while using 3D Adaptive on Mac

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Internal CAM Kernal Error while using 3D Adaptive on Mac

I've looked through a lot of other threads and cannot seem to find the fix to this issue.

Any time I use 3D Adaptive, I get the error "Internal CAM Kernal Error", regardless of tool I use. I have tried using a sample tool from thee fusion library and get the same message.


I know that this issue has been a result of using Windows 7, but I am having this problem on either OS. My macbook running macOS Monterey and my work computer running Windows 10.


This is the error message with debug:

Feature flags: metrology-survey setup-sheet-viewer


Debug: Initialization elapsed time: 0 ms


Debug: Writing ironjob to /var/folders/49/pl72msy94vv08lvwx150l5mc0000gp/T/Neutron/Fusion360CAM/57006-1/operation5.ironjob


Debug: Writing jobfile to /var/folders/49/pl72msy94vv08lvwx150l5mc0000gp/T/Neutron/Fusion360CAM/57006-1/operation5.hsm-job


Debug: Using CAM kernel from: /Users/Luke/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/webdeploy/production/c0347846e8723221ace2044ddbdd09ef9609d855/Autodesk Fusion


Error: Internal CAM kernel error. Please report through your support channel.


Debug: Autodesk dcamcomponents 1.136.2 pm12473

Autodesk CAM Kernel 3.72.4 (aa66f84f) STABLE aa66f84fee0e2286c966ba08d48d2455be552366 2022/06/02 13:00

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "operation5.ironjob", line 94, in <module>

File "lib/hsmkernel/", line 192, in run

File "operation5.ironjob", line 42, in onRun

op1.setParameter('tolerance', ) # calculationTolerance

TypeError: setParameter() missing 1 required positional argument: 'value'


Debug: Total processing time: 127 ms


Debug: Total elapsed time: 282 ms


Invalidated: Generation failed


I have no problem running 2D Adaptive, but I would like to use 3D so that it is model aware as I progress through smaller tools. I'll attach a file with a simple pocket.


Any help on this is much appreciated!

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Hi @lukesmit695 


Thanks for posting. 


I'm able to create a 3D adaptive toolpath for the below-attcahed model. Please have a look at the attached file. 







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