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Infill Density settings is not observed when choosing Gyroid as Infill Pattern

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Infill Density settings is not observed when choosing Gyroid as Infill Pattern


So I am trying to go my first steps in using Fusion to slice a model (simple disc). I want to use the Gyroid infill pattern but somehow the toolpath does not change (after generation) when I change the Infill Density. The screenshots below show a 30% and 90% infill. With other infill patterns it works. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


Thanks a lot


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Hi, and thanks for bringing your question here! I don't quite have the answer to this, but I do know who I can ping to chime in on this thread.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi @felix_kosmalla ,


Ahhh yes, we are aware of this. Unfortunately, there is a current limitation with Gyroid infill that it stops getting denser above a certain infill percentage. This is not the correct behaviour, and is something we are looking to rectify. 

It's not at the top of our priority list at the moment, but I will give it a nudge - please bear with us on this!


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Fusion 360 Additive Team

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