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Importing Snapmaker 2.0 AT350 machine configuration file

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Importing Snapmaker 2.0 AT350 machine configuration file

I recently was told Fusion will generate GCodes for CNC routing. I have a Snapmaker AT350 3D print, Laser, And CNC router machine. I made my design on Fusion going through the steps in a tutorial. But I could not import the machine configuration file for my Snapmaker, more specifically I was not given that option by Fusion. I downloaded the config files from the Snapmaker website along with the tool library. I managed to import the tool library but it wouldn't let me import the config files. The config files have a ".cps" extension. So I am stuck at this step. I cannot set up the post process. Help!


I have the free version of Fusion. I am just a hobbyist and cannot justify paying a subscription to something not generating an income. I also should mention I am a novice to 3D modeling. I have always used simple drafting for drawing up designs.

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Hi @mbarneysr 


you have a problem of terminology.



What we store in the machine library, indicated, by the yellow arrow (A), is a Machine Definition file.

By default it has a extension .mch in the latest revision. Previously it was .machine.

This is selected/associated to the Setup in Fusion defining some characteristics of the machine (kinematic, max number of tools .....)


What is stored in the post processor library, indicated in green are files with the cps extension.

So strictly speaking, your cps file is a post processor.

The post processor is selected in the dialog when we create an nc program.




A is not absolutely required on a router, as it's a simple 3 axis machine, so the kinematic is obvious.


But B is required to be able to generate code for the machine.




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