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Importing an edited .tap file?

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Importing an edited .tap file?

Can I load a .tap file that has been generated in fusion, but edited in a different program, back into fusion to simluate the cut?


Here's my situation. I am getting a Donek D2 drag knife. I am trying to use the free Donek Excel Macro to edit the

g-code that is generated by Fusion in order to add corner actions for the drag knife.


I have been able to successfully run the macro on some code and can see the Z changes that have been added to the code, so i think the macro is doing what it is designed to do.


Now I want to simulate my cut in F360 and view the tool paths to see what it looks like before trying it for real.


Is there a way to take the edited g-code and run it in F360?

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No, you can't do that, but you can run it through a Backplotter called NC VIEWER, available for free on the web

Seth Madore
Owner, Liberty Machine, Inc.
Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.
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Thanks for the reply. I found a few g-code viewer on the web that you can paste in code to simulate. When I zoom in I can see the small z moves but I can't see any small arc as shown in the Donek video, so I'm not sure if this worked fully or not.

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how can I view large scale g-code for 48"x96", sorry but I'm a bit new to cad work.
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@bjw2018 I'm not sure exactly what it is you're asking, can you provide some additional context?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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So I have some files I'm trying to access but haven't been successful which led me to this thread, but still try to figure out how to view the .TAP files i figured out the viewing issue but would like to know if anyone has insight on how to open the cut files ( .TAP/ .MMG ) on fusion or if there's any other software that can be used.( I'm filling the position of my father for a family business where i can do cad work just not proficiently enough but its the CNC side is where I'm having the most difficulty also I don't have access to the master files so for now I'm relying of the flash drive with the cut files on it.)
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A .TAP file is just a text file that should be able to be opened in any text editor. If you're trying to determine what is actually being machined by those files, you could try something called a "Backplot editor", such as NC-Viewer or similar

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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