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import units

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import units

I am having trouble importing dxf files.  They were exported with inches as the select units.  These curve will be used to Trace in the manufacture space.  As far as I can tell all units in my preferences are inches.  However the imported curves are in mm.  Also, unlike stp files the curves don't appear to retain their coordinates.  Can someone explain?

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From what software were the .dxfs created? You star=te that your preferences are set to inches? What are the units of the document into which the .dxfs are being imported?

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The dxfs were created in Xenon (an Ashlar Vellum 3 d modeling program)  They were imported into Fusion where all (as far as I can tell) my preferences are inches as units

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thats because Xenon is exporting it as mm. Just scale the print by a factor of 25.4 

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I'm not sure that is correct.  We send dxf files exported from Xenon to several other shops and have not had this issue


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All I know is dxfs and step files will contain their native units upon export. The other shops may have just scaled it as well and wouldn't of told you that.
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