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Im a fusion noob need help with how to get my job on 2 sheets of ply

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Im a fusion noob need help with how to get my job on 2 sheets of ply

Hi as i said above I'm a fusion noob and I've been slowly teaching my self fusion 360 ive got my design finished and i followed Lars Christensen's video  Fusion 360 Tutorial - Align Arrange & Nest Assemblies - Season 3 - YouTube loved it taught me a lot. What i haven't been able to figure out is my job wont fit on 1 sheet of ply i need to spread it across 2 Sheets All help greatly appreciated. 







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Won't fit why?.... too long in one or more dimensions or does the total area of the components to be cut exceed a single sheet? Can you share your file?



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in reply to: mark_wh

Would you be able to share your Fusion file here?
File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d/.f3z file in your reply.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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the total components to be cut exceeds the space available on one sheet of ply. Please excuse my design etc ive only been learning fusion a short time


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in reply to: mark_wh

and what license do you have?

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in reply to: mark_wh

The included Arrange in the Manufacturing Workspace arranges components onto a single (as far as I know)  face, plane  or sketch. The paid Nesting add-in gives you all the Bells&Whistles. Now in this case you don't really need advanced features...Arrange has filled one sheet but had one leftover component..."no biggy" as we say here in Australia! Should you have a more complex arrange then you can at least investigate sheet use age with a two-sheet and bridge sketch:



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in reply to: Warmingup1953

Sweet I'm in Australia also. I thought it might be that simple but got confused when it came to saving the 2 sheets as separate Gcode (.nc)files so I can send them  to my CNC separately Thanks for your help.

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