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Idea: Toolbar Button to Simulate In Vericut

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Idea: Toolbar Button to Simulate In Vericut

It would be nice to have a toolbar button in the manufacturing workspace to click that will open up a user-interface and can adjust WCS settings and part/fixture positions and then hit "ok" which would open up vericut rather then having to edit the vericut cascade post each time to achieve this same function.


It would be more user-friendly and also don't have to have any post-processor editing knowledge to do this.

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I guessing never.  Autodesk owns Camplete a competitor to Vericut.     Best we can hope for is camplete being added as a subscription in F360..  


Maybe NC Programs to get it to post.  Would be nice if you could set one up and copy and paste that "template" into a new file.    Seems silly able to copy toolpaths but not the NC programs with all the post settings and file paths etc.  Maybe we get this in the next subscription push. 

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I guess the Vericut cascading post works differently...  we use NCsimul, and I wouldn't change a thing to the way the cascading post works.  Maybe you can push Vericut to implement similar, or, maybe you just don't like how it works.  See pic below of what we get with NCSimul when posting with the cascading post.

I leave the cascading post ON all the time, we can chose to start the simulator, only update the g-code in it, or just post the code without any interaction with the simulator at all.  I'm guessing you don't have this option, and you keep having to remove the cascading post so that it doesn't start Vericut?


Also, we don't have to pick any fixtures or anything at all for that matter, it just gets the fixtures from the fixture selection within the CAM setup.  There is no other window than what you see below to get the full setup in the sim.


Just showing this in case maybe this is different than what you have, and to me, this works really nicely, so maybe you can push to get similar in case it's different.



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I wonder if someone that was API-savvy could make an addon... 🤔


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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