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ID Groove Tool creation.

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ID Groove Tool creation.

Can we get TURNING updated please.

Can it be a major priority? 

It has been the red headed step child in terms of all the other environments getting lots of improvements.

This is just one thing that would be super helpful if we can get this fixed. (See image below)


This is wrong on many levels from the category fill in box naming, to the visual diagrams on what the entry box claims how it works, when it clearly does not work the way it is claiming.


Other things we need in turning...

We need Custom Form Tool options for turning.

We need a solid carbide groove tool options.


Even the regular turning tools creation is limited,

The boring bar creation is limited.


Many tooling companies allow us to down load step files of their tools.

Can this be implemented as a simple easy way to get the geometry we need to accurately represent what is actually going on. 


This is coming off as a rant, and I apologize for that but this is a very frustrating to deal with for so long.

Who knows how many years there has been talks about updates with turning and nothing ever seems to get done with it.


I am willing to help in anyway you need. Not just complaining. I have multiple times asked for the groove tool creation to be better. I am a long time user I am and Early Adopter of Fusion 360 

What is the best way I and our community can help this along? 







Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 6.21.53 PM.png
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in reply to: JonSchaeffer

Hi Fusion lathe programmers.
I wanted to share a screen shot of how to create a carbide groove tool using the limited tool creation options we currently get.
I have always struggled with this.
In this example some key items that make this difficult is Fusion does not create the tool the way we need to order the tools from the manufactures. So the part numbers like Thin Bit, Micro 100, or PH Horn we can't simply enter the values they provide. You will not have an accurate tool.
In a nut shell what is needed is,
Cutter max groove reach
And half the neck diameter and groove reach added together.
See screen shot a visual explanation.
Another side note, You need to lie to the shank width and enter the neck width.
I hope this makes sense and I hope it helps others until they get this fixed.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 8.41.50 PM.png

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