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I think this is a bug. This 3D contour will not generate with this dovetail EM.

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I think this is a bug. This 3D contour will not generate with this dovetail EM.

I cannot get this 3D contour to generate. The error message is "Discarded unreachable passes". However, with the 2D contour I can get a toolpath to generate, which I think proves the passes are not unreachable. 


Please any help is greatly appreciated.

Levi GarrisonHere's how the end result should look.Here's how the end result should look.Here is the 2D toolpath generated, but I need the 3D contour to vertically clear the rest of the material.Here is the 2D toolpath generated, but I need the 3D contour to vertically clear the rest of the material.

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Hi @levi8782


Thanks for posting! I had a look at this and was unable to get any toolpath working for this geometry apart from 2D Contour. You could use 2D Contour to work around this, but it would be pretty involved - due to the undercut chamfers, you'd have to project a sketch at every desired stepdown and use each in a 2D Contour operation. This is because 2D toolpaths only "see" the selected contours.


Undercuts can be tricky in Fusion, but I agree that this one should be workable. I thought increasing the machining boundary and the horizontal lead-in radius may have helped, but was unable to get any of the undercut capable toolpaths (3D Contour and Ramp, Flow) working.


I did notice that the geometry in your file was not perfectly circular. If you recreate the geometry in a new file, you may be able to get a series of bore operations working. I've shown a rough draft of this in the attached file. You'll have to use a very small pitch to get a smooth finish with the boring operation and that tool.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 10.58.35 AM.png

One other parameter to be aware of is the safe distance (linking tab). Because of your tool geometry, this operation would require less than 0.002" for a safe distance.


I've logged a ticket (CAM-10389) on this with the development team on the inability to generate a 3D Contour toolpath on this geometry.



Please let me know if you have any questions!

Paul Clauss

Product Support Specialist

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in reply to: levi8782

Study, CAM problem.png

Sudy, CAM problem a.png


Hi @levi8782

Does This help you at all. I was struggling with something similar. It is not an undercut but 3D contour just seems to be hard to get working.


Anyway I was able to get your toolpath to work but I am not at all sure it is what you are looking for. There is an error but this seems to be to do with the linking mentioned by @paul.clauss.

Forgive me if I totally misunderstand the nature of your problem.

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in reply to: levi8782

Exactly the same problem here. Please fix this! I'm trying to automate my cabinet building workflow together with the awesome nesting function, and this Fusion glitch is preventing me from doing so. 

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in reply to: daviddemper

Is this being worked on? Still cannot get it to work with 3D contour. 

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@davidPV8MH could you share your Fusion file here?
File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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