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I need to know how to turn on smooth interpolation in bore processing.

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I need to know how to turn on smooth interpolation in bore processing.

Regarding the bore processing, I have been using Generic Robodrill posts.


Monosnap Autodesk Fusion 360 2023-12-05 10.48.43.png

At that time, the code was output with smoothing.

Monosnap - Visual Studio Code 2023-12-05 10.42.47.png

Outputting this program using the Siemens SINUMERIK840D Inspection post would result in an un-smoothed code.

Monosnap Spiral-test.mpf - Visual Studio Code 2023-12-05 10.44.12.png

Could you please tell me how to turn on smoothing?

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in reply to: Bunga777

It doesn't appear to be a smoothing problem, rather that its not outputting Helical moves


Can you check that this box is ticked in your post?



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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Thanks for the reply.


I thought this was the cause here at first too, but it is on.


I just checked it now and it is still on.

Monosnap NC Program_ NC プログラム1 2023-12-05 11.17.28.png

Is there any other possible cause? Do you get smoothed paths there?

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in reply to: Bunga777

Having a bit of a search around it seems this is a common problem with the siemens post, but not having ever used one I don't know alot about them.


One possible fix is to set useArcTurn=true




This also only works if Cycle 832 is set to off


it outputs a line like this



I would test carefully as there is a chance for undesirable behaviour


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in reply to: Bunga777

Thank you very much!

I am getting smoothed code output with that setting.


I have only recently started using this machine, so I don't understand CYCLE832 yet.

I wonder if it is possible that if I turn on this CYCLE832, the smoothing will be done on the machine side?


I will do some testing and post the results here again.

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in reply to: Bunga777

cycle 832 is the Siemens Smoothing cycle.


Similar to Heidenhain Cycle 32 which I am familar with.

It can make a big difference when roughing/finishing on how well the code runs.


does similar things to the Fanuc G05.1 which you may already know

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in reply to: Bunga777

@Bunga777 is this a new post from our library, or one that you've used for a while? The reason I've asked is because we've had some other users (myself included) who are finding that a recent change in Fusion has tweaked how our OLD posts handle arc motion (one of my old posts is from.... 2016, but it's always worked so had no need to update to latest). After a recent update, we were getting linearized arc moves on any helical move. The change to update the post (to make it work right) isn't that cumbersome, but if the solution from @a.laasW8M6T above works for you, then all is good

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: Bunga777

Got mine with Cycle 832 in auto mode, so it knows when to output roughing or finishing.

It's a game changer. You just need to implement some logic in your post.

Also using TURN for helical moves with good success.


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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T


Thanks for the explanation of CYCLE832.

Am I correct in assuming that with this, even a straightened arc movement will be automatically smoothed and smoothed in the NC device? If so, does that mean I should set CYCLE832 to Automatic in the post properties?



The post I am using is siemens-840d inspection.cps ver44083. It is probably one version older than the latest version. From what you are saying, is it possible that it is not normal behavior for an arc move to be output as a straight line? It is true that smoothing is enabled by @a.laasW8M6T's method, but since you said that it cannot be used together with CYCLE832, if possible, it would be better if the G code is also output without linearized code while using CYCLE832, the program would be shorter.



You seem to use CYCLE832 on a regular basis.


Have you ever had a problem operating a long, linearized code sent to a machine during helical operation?

I have been using Robodrill for a long time and am used to seeing the code output in simple arcs with good visibility, so I am not used to seeing this screen of G01s lined up forever, and I am wondering if this is normal? 

It would be helpful if you could tell us more about how you usually operate.

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in reply to: Bunga777



Indeed, in the version I am using, changing useArcTurn=True did not output the smoothed code.

I have confirmed that the latest version does output it.



Sorry, I must be mistaken, it was output as a solid arc.

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in reply to: Bunga777

My post is configured to output helical moves in a single line using the TURN command.

And CYCLE832 comes out automatically depending on the operation or stock to leave.

But when I do have linearized movements, CYCLE832 makes a world of difference, instead of jerky motions you get nice smooth movements.

The principle is that it deviates the profile by some amount that you specify to keep the movement smooth.

So, set it to roughing when you want to prioritize speed or set it to precise when you want maximum precision sacrificing speed.

I don't if it's clear enough, if you need more info feel free to ask. 

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