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I like the latest update .. here are some more suggestions.

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I like the latest update .. here are some more suggestions.

I can turn a good thread on the first try using fusion since the march update...

Setting the insert radius correctly, then thread height to theoretical thread height (HA) minus thread height difference(HB) .. The values  i get when posting finally makes sense.. Good job. . 🙂


As a template user I sometimes have to select features on the part to make it work.. A really good thing would be if it could switch tabs by itself, to the next unselected item  .. It would save a few calories that I could spend on something else.. and bug me less..


A more detailed way to create  lathe tools would also suit  me perfectly. Wish I could use step-files from the manufacturers website, both for the tool shaft , and insert to make a working  tool. 


Next I would like to see a quick and effortless way to make a digital twin of turret-type lathes in fusion, to check if the neighboring tools interfer with the chuck or workpiece.  .. Something like drag&drop vdi/bmt-holders snapping in place   to a turret .. then drag the tools to their respective holders. lol.. 





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A way to leave stock on select surfaces in x,z or both would be great when roughing.. instead of everything. That would save alot of work on some parts.. and cause less  operations.  99% of the time roughing cycle is more than good enough for unused surfaces. But you want to  fishish the tolerances.. Also on threads u need to leave about 0,2mm for full profile inserts..  . 

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combined rough/finishing cycle that splits the toolpath in sections, with optional finishing passes for secondary tool.

I find myself doing this sometimes, as a last resort for long and unstable parts.. It can be very tideous to program, this is just a minor example.  🙂

Also for deep holes  ,where chip evacuation is very random otherwise.. 




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