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Hy6040 5axis WorkFlow?

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Hy6040 5axis WorkFlow?

Hi!   [ Noob post ] 

Finally I got the money and ordered the 5 Axis CNC hy6040 and I just realized that setting up the machine it won't be that easy like using a 3d printer... 


So I got a few questions... 

How do I set up the cnc on fusion? 

What is this post processor? Do I need to set it every time? Can't I download it from somewhere? 


I was thinking that the workflow with this 5 axis machine will be like : 

Prepare the 3d model, select multiaxis, set the toolpaths, export as gcode and... Done? I'm missing something? 


This will be my very first contact with a cnc and I really searched for answers in other posts but looks like everyone has a little bit of background in this cnc world to know what it needs to do or what it needs to search. 


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[Excluding features such as machine simulation...] Programming CAM in Fusion is pretty much machine agnostic. Once you are done, you have to post-process the programmed operations to generate machine specific G-code out of it.

The post-processor is a Java Script program that receives input from Fusion and tweaks it to match the targeted machine. It may remove some features that the machine can't handle, does some sanity checks, etc.

You can search for a matching post-processor in the Post Library and if you don't find it, ask the vendor for advice. They may be able to point you to a suitable one. Or you can customize an existing one.

There are others on this forum discussing posting to your machine. See this discussion for example. There a customized version of the mach3 post seems to be used.

As for programming, there are tutorials available. For 5 axis you basically can take any 2D operation and specify a tool orientation for it. The machine will rotate the machine in the correct position and then perform the 2D operation on the selected geometry.  Or you can select specialized multi-axis operations (such as swarf) and for them the machine may move at the same time as the tool is cutting.

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