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Hurco VMX42srti Post Processor Help

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Hurco VMX42srti Post Processor Help

Hi all 


I have an issue when using the Generic Hurco post to run a VMX42srti


At the end of an operation when the Head is at 90Degrees and a tool change is called on the next operation. The head tries to reset the B and C axis back to 0 before calling the tool change (This isn't necessary as the machine automatically does this on tool change) 


This causes the tool to rotate and hit the part as it is trying to rotate around the datum I believe. 


How can I change the post so it doesn't post " G0 B0. C0. " At the end of the operation 




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in reply to: Ashley.Moran3CQFT

@Ashley.Moran3CQFT can you share the cps file?

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in reply to: Anonymous

I have attached the CPS file


So it seems to be ok although it is abit un nerving with it orientating the b axis so close to the table but it seems to rotate around the tool center point until the end of the program where is cancels the orientation point and then tries to rotate the tool into the bed

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Maybe the attached PP will do what you need, it lifts the Z axis to Z0 using the M140 before moving the B and C axis and the only place you get the G0 B0 C0 is at the end of the full program and selecting the M140 option turns off the "Safe Retracts" G53 etc so that should be Ok ??

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Hello Ashley.Moran3CQFT


I'll make a ticket on this and will contact Hurco to see what they recommend.

Bill Cain
Sr. Technical Consultant
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This is a very late reply but i have tried this post and it seems to work how i need it to 


Thank you for your help 

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